Congratulations to the 2024 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation scholarship recipients.

Front row:  Morgan Washburn (James E. Schroeder Scholarship - 2 year Tech), Meagan Cullen (Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship), Amiah Fisher (Harold Coulthard Scholarship), Elyse Linschied (Dennis & Marilyn Carr Family Scholarship), Landon Wetzel (Robert & Martha Klindt Scholarship).  2nd row: Jayden Balland (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship - 4 year College), Sophie Volenec (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship - 4 year College and Glen & Connie Gard Scholarship),  Brach Holman (Millard "Mick" Gundlach Ag Scholarship), Bentley Cutts (Bernadine Olson Memorial Scholarship), Jayden Vavricka (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship - 2 year Tech).  3rd row:  Rachel Rickard (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship), Lilliana Vivian (Christianson Family Scholarship and J. Bruce & Margaret L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship), Makaya McCarthy (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship and Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship),  Angelina Peat (J. Bruce & Margaret L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship). 4th row: IGEF Board members: I-G Superintendent Michael Shimshak, Fred Skaife, Mike Peat, Peggy Biddick, Vicki Langfoss, Connie Gard.


                                            2023 Scholarship Recipients
Class of 2023 IGEF Scholarship Recipients and their Donors
Front row:  Caitlyn Wetter (Carr Family Scholarship, Harold Coulthard), Madalyn Rogstad (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship & Carr Family Scholarship), Jalyssa Cordts (Robert & Martha Klindt Scholarship), Ella Zimmer (Mae E. Austin Scholarship), Alexis Thoma-Blankenberg (Glen & Connie Gard Family Scholarship), Laighton Schafer (Mick Gundlach Scholarship).  Middle row:  Audrey Rowe (J. Bruce Bradley & Margaret L. Bradley Scholarship & Bernadine Olson Scholarship), Bekka Shemak (James E. Schroeder Scholarship), Julia Searls (James E. Schroeder Scholarship), Evie Whitaker (James E. Schroeder Scholarship), Elizabeth Volenec (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship, Christianson Family Scholarship, & Dorothy Lepeska Scholarship), Hope Connolly (James E. Schroeder Scholarship).  Top row: IGEF Board Members: Mike Peat, Fred Skaife, Peggy Biddick, Rachel Zimmer & Connie Gard.

                                                2022 Scholarship Recipients

                          Class of 2022 IGEF Scholarship Recipients and their Donors
Front row:  Montanna Freymiller (James E. Schroeder Scholarships and Glen & Connie Gard Scholarship), Skylar Achenbach (Mick Gundlach Scholarship), Ella Wolff (Dorothy Lepeska Scholarship & Robert & Martha Klindt Scholarship), Jacqueline Hawes (Christianson Family Scholarship), Savannah Vivian (Bernadine Olson Scholarship). Middle row: Dylan Bingham (Carr Family Scholarship & Harold Coulthard Scholarship), Cade Kuhls (Tanner Merwin & Mae E. Austin Scholarship), Zachary Kohlenberg (J. Bruce Bradley & Margaret L. Bradley Scholarship & James E. Schhroeder Scholarships),  MaKayla Pilling (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship). Top Row: IGEF Board Members: Rachel Zimmer, Fred Skaife & Peggy Biddick.

2021 Scholarship Recipients
Class of 2021 IGEF Scholarship Recipients and their Donors
Front row:  Sage Soman (Dorothy Lepeska Scholarship), Colin Merwin (Tanner Merwin and James E. Schroeder Scholarships), Andrew Winders (Austin Cook Scholarship), Avri Kliest (Mick Gundlach and James E. Schroeder Scholarships), Brie Straka (Carr Family Scholarship), Taylor Runde (J. Bruce Bradley & Margaret L. Bradley Scholarship), Brena Straka (Christianson Family Scholarship).  Top row: Hannah Maughan (Glen & Connie Gard and Janes E, Schroeder Scholarships), Isaac HIll (Mae E. Austin Scholarship), Hazel Klosterman (Bernadine Olson Scholarship), Nicholas Connolly (Robert & Martha Klindt and Limmex Scholarships), Lauren Linscheid (Harold Coulthard Scholarship).  

                       Class of 2020 IGEF Scholarship Awards and Recipients
Even though in this tough year of the Covid 19 Pandemic when we were unable to have that wonderful scholarship presentation evening, we still have something to be so proud and happy about.  These great students were awarded a total of $13,650 and were personally presented with these scholarships, at their home, by the High School Principal, Mr. Chris Gotto and the Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jackie Benish.  Unfortunately, we are not able to show their smiling faces in the usual group picture but we offer  our utmost Congratulations and Well Wishes to these 2020 graduates.

Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship

    Recipient:  Colin StefflAttending: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Christianson Family Scholarship
    Recipient:  Carter Christianson - Attending: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Robert & Martha Klindt Memorial Scholarship
    Recipient:  Samantha McLeer - Attending:  St. Olaf College

Millard “Mick” Gundlach Agriculture Scholarship
    Recipient:  Kylie Cutts - Attending:  Southwest Technical College

Bernadine Olson Memorial Scholarship
    Recipient: Gabriel Vivian -  Attending: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Mae E. Austin Memorial Scholarship
    Recipient:  Ethan KuhlsAttending: Southwest Technical College

James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship (2 year)
    Recipient:  Jaron HaaseAttending:  Southwest Technical College

James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship (2 year)
    Recipient:  Kylie CuttsAttending:  Southwest Technical College

Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship Name: 
    Recipient: Ethan KuhlsAttending: Southwest Technical College

Dr. Dennis & Marilyn Carr Scholarship
    Recipient: Sydney LundellAttending: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Glenn & Connie Gard Family Scholarship
    Recipient:  Jaron Haase - Attending: Southwest Technical College

J. Bruce & Margaret L. Bradley Scholarship
    Recipient:  Allison Bickford - Attending: Southwest Technical College

Austin Cook Scholarship
    Recipient:  Jason SedbrookAttending: Southwest Technical College

Terry Goke Memorial Scholarship
    Recipient:  Keagan PillingAttending: Southwest Technical College

Harold Colthard Scholarship
    Recipient:  Sydney LundellAttending:  University of Wisconsin - Madison

2019 Scholarship Recipients

               2019 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Front row, left to right: Dave Kalish (IGEF board chair); Parker Velte (Dr. Dennis & Marilyn Carr Scholarship), Alexis Miura (Terry Goke Memorial Scholarship), Madelyn Hunt (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship), Haylee Casper (J. Bruce and Margaret L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship), Samantha Richards (Christianson Family Scholarship; Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship; Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship)

Back row, left to right: Sarah Buckhaus (Robert & Martha Klindt Scholarship), Lauren Harmening (Bernadine Olson Memorial Scholarship; Dr. Charles W. Young and William R. Young Endowed Scholarship), Hannah McCracken (Millard "Mick" Gundlach Ag Scholarship; James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship-2 year), Nathan Daniels (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship - 4 year; Glen and Connie Gard Family Scholarship; Robert Graber Scholarship), Alec Zimmer (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship; Austin Cook Memorial Scholarship), Fred Skaife (IGEF board vice chair)​​​​​​​

 2018 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
The Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation is proud to present the 2018 senior class scholarship winners from our memorial and endowed funds.

Top row – left to right: Easton Dobson  (Thomas and Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship); Blake Butteris (Bob Mueller Scholarship); Brandon Graul (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship); Carley Rider (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship); Brandon Bickford (Millard "Mick" Gundlach Ag Scholarship); Garret Bingham (Bob Mueller Scholarship).

Middle Row: left to right: William Spurley (Bernadine Olson Scholarship);  Clayton Kite (Terry Goke Scholarship);  Clint Havlik (Charlotte Jinkins Scholarship);  Rebecca Gorsline (Christianson Family Scholarship);  Hannah Lindner (Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship);  Peggy Biddick (IGEF Board).

Front Row: left to right:  Matthew Hill (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship); Bailey Lindner (Dr. Dennis and Marilyn Carr Scholarship);  Gracelyn Silvers (J. Bruce and Margaret L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship); Callie Rickard (Robert and Martha Klindt Memorial Scholarship); Brady Peat (Austin Cook Scholarship); Fred Skaife (IGEF Board).

Left;  Ralph Bradley, son of J. Bruce Bradley and Marge L. Bradley, proudly presents a scholarship in their memory to Gracelyn Silvers.  Bruce Bradley (Superintendent from 1980-2001) was instrumental in establishing the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation in 1999.

Right:  Fred Skaife, Foundation Board member, congratulates Brandon Graul, recipient of the James E. Schroeder Scholarship.

2017 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front row – left to right: Sawyer Sarbacker (Austin Cook Memorial Scholarship); Charles Richards (Millard "Mick" Gundlach Ag Scholarship and Glen & Connie Gard Family Scholarship); Payton Simon (IGEF Scholarship In Honor of Garry Crull); William McLeer (Thomas and Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship); Gerrit Hunt (Connie Munson Memorial Scholarship and Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship).

Middle row – left to right:  Erik Raimer (Dr. Dennis and Marilyn Carr Scholarship); Chad Thomas (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship); Hannah Stevens (J Bruce & Margaret L Bradley Memorial Scholarship)Kassidy Schroeder (Phil Helgesen Memorial Scholarship).

Back row – left to right:  Elana Winders (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship); Charles Christianson (Christianson Family Scholarship); Ronald Allen (Robert & Martha Klindt Memorial Scholarship); Maranda McCarthy (James E. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship); Jaynie Rule (Robert Graber Scholarship, Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship, and Platteville Consumers Cooperative Scholarship).

Fourteen Class of 2017 Iowa-Grant graduates were recently presented certificates and scholarship awards totaling just over $19,000.

Two scholarships were presented for the first time. These included the Austin Cook Memorial Scholarship, honoring Austin Cook, a 2010 IG graduate who passed away in 2016 and the Garry Crull Scholarship, recognizing Coach Crull who served as head football coach for 19 years and is the namesake of Coach Crull Field.

In commenting on the scholarship presentations IGEF board chair Paulette Divall said, “Without the support of our many donors these scholarships would not be possible. We are particularly grateful for the endowed scholarships that have been established by families and through bequests. These legacy scholarships will be given forever.”

2016 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front row – left to right: Vicki Langfoss (IGEF Board); Kayelyn Hebgen (Millard "Mick" Gundlach Ag Scholarship, Platteville Consumers Coop Scholarship, Glen & Connie Gard Family Scholarship, Robert Graber Memorial Scholarship); Kennedy Kitelinger (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship); Kelsie Hayes (James E Schroeder Scholarship); Haley Yelinek (Dr. Dennis & Marilyn Carr Scholarship); Mariah Ginter (Connie Munson Memorial Scholarship).

Middle row – left to right:  Peggy Biddick and Connie Gard (IGEF Board); Kaelyn Merkle (Robert & Martha Klindt Scholarship); Issac Anderson (Christianson Family Scholarship); Angela Melby (Phil Helgesen Memorial Scholarship); Dalton Blakely (James E Schroeder Scholarship).

Back row – left to right:  Fred Skaife (IGEF Board; Zachary Campbell (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship); Jacob Soman (Mae E Austin Memorial Memorial Scholarship); Taylor Busse (Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship); Kenneth Schoville (J Bruce & Margaret L Bradley Memorial Scholarship).

2015 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front row – left to right:  Fallon Zimmerman (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship); Kylie Moneypenny (Phil Helgesen Memorial Scholarship); Taylor Jackson (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship); Alexis Kisgen (Dorothy Lepeska Memorial Scholarship)

Middle row – left to right:  Erica Thomas (Robert Graber Scholarship and Millard “Mick” Gundlach Agriculture Scholarship); Elizabeth Wernimont (Robert & Martha Klindt Memorial Scholarship); Elizabeth Buckhaus (Platteville Consumers Cooperative Scholarship);  Carley Richards (Connie Munson Memorial Scholarship); Brittany Brennum (Christianson Family Scholarship)

Back row – left to right:  Brett Pluemer (James E Schroeder Memorial Scholarship and Dr. Dennis & Marilyn Carr Scholarship); Kyle Soderstrom (James E Schroeder Memorial Scholarship); Logan Bomkamp (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship); Creighton Biddick (Steve Randall Memorial Scholarship); Brea Stanton (Thomas & Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship).

2014 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front row: Brittanie Lawinger (Martha Klindt Scholarship), Chanel Hartwick (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship), Paul Burton (James E Schroeder Memorial Scholarship), and Bradly Silvers (Mick Gundlach Scholarship) 

Middle row: Casey Hines-Munson (Connie Munson Memorial Scholarship AND Thomas and Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship), Kelly Silvers (Lois Clifton Memorial Scholarship), Brett Wunderlin (Robert Graber Scholarship), and Tyler Granville (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship).

2013 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front row: Jade Allen (Tanner Merwin Memorial Scholarship), Casey Johannesen (James E Schroeder Memorial Scholarship), Whitney Klaas (Cleo Hughes Scholarship), Grace Enloe (Martha Klindt Scholarship)

Back row: Tanner Arndt (Mick Gundlach Scholarship), Lara Daentl (Connie Munson Memorial Scholarship), Emily Warne (Mae E Austin Memorial Scholarship), Rita Reynolds (Thomas and Mary Jane Limmex Scholarship)

2012 Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients (left to right):
Front Row: Taylor Espeseth (IGEF - Cleo Hughes Scholarship) , Cody Belken (IGEF-Mick Gundlach Scholarship) and Victoria Leix (IGEF - Mae E. Austin).

Back Row: Katrina Hale (IGEF - Martha Klindt), John Klaas (IGEF - Mae E. Austin), Veronica Schaefer (IGEF - Connie Munson and Limmex Scholarship).

2011 - Eight scholarships were awarded in May 2011 to the following graduating seniors: Melody Prochaska, Tabatha Faull, Mackenzie Faull, Michaela Marshall Jenna Jones, Victoria Nowak, Logan Ritchie & Marcus Boothe.
2010 - Eight scholarships were awarded in May 2010 to the following graduating seniors: Jacob Loschen, Cameron Warne, Abby Spurley, Lynelle Tremelling, Austin Cook, Cassie Baker, Kaycie Simon, Jonathon Osterndorff.
2009 - Six scholarships were awarded in May 2009 to Amber Bishop-Limmex Family Scholarship, Maurice Booth-Cleo Hughes Scholarship, Gabby Graber-Connie Munson Scholarship, Joshus Hess-Mick Gundlach & Martha Klindt Scholarships, Kelsey Rule-Dr. Gerald Butterfield Scholarship, Katelyn Schaefer-Mae E. Austin Scholarship.
2008 - Seven scholarships were awarded in May 2008 to the following graduating seniors: Brittany Melby, Quentin Tranberg, Johnny Olson, Shane Thomas, Partick Meuer, Tricia Olson and Michael Haas.
2007 - Seven scholarships were awarded in May 2007 to the following graduating seniors: Caleb Loschen, Jessica Caygill, Tricia Trace, Corey Haas, Kyle Spurley, Andrew Bishop and Kayla Leonard.
2006 - Five scholarships of $500 each were awarded in May 2006 to the following graduating seniors: Brandon Espeseth, Jared Sedlmayr, Joshua Loschen, April Tomas and Nickolas Deines.
2005 - Five scholarships of $500 each were awarded in May 2005 to the following graduating seniors: Siri McCann, Hannah Freymiller, Heather Belken, Julie Longenecker and Megan Riemenapp.
2004 - Four Scholarships were given to graduating Seniors, Emily Knutson, Chad Kite, Meghan McGuire and Josh Stanton.
2003 - Four scholarships of $500 each were awarded in May 2003 to the following graduating seniors: Jason Esser, Ashley Hooks, Jay Lindner and Jonathan Longenecker.
2002 - Five scholarships of $500 each were once again awarded in May 2002 to the following graduating seniors: Jessica Kastner, Amber Thompson, Ross Leix, Joseph Longenecker and Amy Schemak. 

The first grant in the educational enrichment category was award in the fall of 2002. With this grant of $575, the sophomore honors English class presented a Shakespeare puppet theatre to all students in the elementary school. This connected to their experience of attending the same play, "The Taming of the Shrew", at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, recognized nationally as a premier outdoor Shakespearian experience. The University of Wisconsin, Platteville, provided them with authentic period costumes to complete the presentation. 

The Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin awarded IGEF a grant for the establishment of a web site to provide information to alumni and other interested people regarding this foundation.
2001 - The family of Millard "Mick" Gundlach, former agriculture teacher at I-G and Southwest Technical College, Fennimore, established an endowment of $10,000 in his name to be used for agriculture scholarships. (Spring 2001)

Five scholarships of $500 each were awarded in May 2001 to: Tanya Ley, Ashley Loy, Jessica Mueller, Jason Spurley and Sarah Gerber.

A silent auction was held at the local banks over a 2-month period in the summer of 2001 and raised $655 because of the donation by Richard Bristol of his hand crafted wooden items. 

The Elmer Biddick Foundation gave $4000 in June of 2001 to be used to serve any of the 3 goals established by IGEF. Memorial scholarships for Connie Munson (2001) and Mae Austin (2002) were lovingly established by their families.
2000 - It was voted in May 2000 to affiliate with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (CFSW) rather than incorporate as a stand alone non-profit organization in the state of Wisconsin. Adoption of by-laws occurred in June 2000 along with the first official election of officers.

The Martha Klindt memorial was lovingly established to satisfy the needs of any of the 3 goals.

A brochure was developed and mailed to all residents within the I-G district in December 2000 and distributed to agencies and appropriate businesses in Grant and Iowa counties.
1999 - In the fall of 1999, a steering committee was formed under the direction of Bruce Bradley (Iowa-Grant District Superintendent at the time) for the purpose of establishing an Educational Foundation. Members were Lois Alton, Peggy Biddick, Bob Bishop, Bruce Bradley, Richard Bristol, Dennis Carr, Robert Day, Tammie Engelke, Glenda Faull, Francis Fry, Ron Haas, David Kalish, Bob Klindt, Ellen Lindner, Tom Moffett, Jim Neuendorf, Kelly Ritchie.
Mission statement and goals were adopted December 6, 1999. "The IGEF will provide a vehicle through which caring and concerned individuals, businesses, and civic, community and fraternal organizations may contribute gifts of time, money, property and expertise to support these activities:
1. To provide scholarships for graduating high school seniors and work to ensure that I-G graduates receive encouragement and have the opportunity to pursue education.
2. To support innovative and creative projects that inspire both I-G students and teachers to achieve educational excellence within the I-G school district.
3.To provide ways to strengthen and support families and ensure that there is continuity of education for all children in the IG School District."