Frequently Asked Questions
The Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation (IGEF) is the charitable support organization for the Iowa-Grant School District.

•    When and how did the IGEF begin?
Conceived in 1999 through the work of a steering committee under the direction of Bruce Bradley (Iowa-Grant District Superintendent at the time) which included Lois Alton, Peggy Biddick, Bob Bishop, Bruce Bradley, Richard Bristol, Dennis Carr, Robert Day, Tammie Engelke, Glenda Faull, Francis Fry, Ron Haas, David Kalish, Bob Klindt, Ellen Lindner, Tom Moffett, Jim Neuendorf, and Kelly Ritchie. 

•    Who manages funds generated by the IGEF?
Affiliated with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin in 2000, which holds the IRS 501(c)(3) designation and provides administrative, investment and technical support (see www.cfsw.org) including all IRS tax filings, annual audits, and professional investment management services.

•    Who makes the IGEF decisions?
It is governed by a local advisory board.  See "Who Governs It" above on the headers listing.

•    What is the purpose of the IGEF?
IGEF is focused on building permanent funds including both Excellence in Education Endowments and Scholarship Endowments.

•    What is an "Excellence in Education Endowment"?
An Excellence in Education Endowment provides monies that are awarded through a grant application process.  Twice yearly (March 1 and October 1) the advisory board receives grant applications from IG staff through an online portal.  IGEF presented its first grant in 2002.  To date, 60 grants totaling over $39,355 have been awarded in support of projects proposed for the benefit of Iowa-Grant students and their school.

•    Where do the proceeds of the IG History Book go?
The net proceeds from the sale of the book, Iowa-Grant History: the Formation of a School District and the 50 Years that Followed, are a source of grant monies distributed through the Excellence in Education fund.

•    How many scholarships has the IGEF awarded?
The inaugural 5 - $500 scholarships were presented in 2001.  To date, 230 scholarships valued at $246,620 have been awarded to Panther graduates in support of their post-secondary education.

•    What are "Endowment Scholarships"?
Current scholarship endowments which will provide scholarships in perpetuity honor Thomas and Mary Jane Limmex; Millard ‘Mick’ Gundlach; Mae E. Austin, James E Schroeder, Glen & Connie Gard family and the Christianson Family.  For non-endowed scholarships, look to the "Scholarship Information" page for listings.

•    How do 5th graders get awards?
The IGEF also makes awards to the top 10% of the 5th grade classes from the Elizabeth Summers Scholastic Achievement Endowed Fund.

•    How do I make a donation to the IGEF?
IGEF accepts donations at IGEF Gift Processing Center, PO Box 81, Platteville, WI 53818 or through the website www.cfsw.org.  Gifts can include cash as well as credit card, ‘automatic debit,’ stock, securities, personal property, real estate, bequests, memorial gifts, life insurance.

•    Where do I direct more questions? Questions can be directed to any member of the advisory board, by viewing the Contact Us Page on this web site or by contacting CFSW donor services representative Sarah Latimer (sarah@cfsw.org or 608-758-0883).